Software Engineering / Business Process Analysis and Design / Project Management


I have been working with computers and writing software since I was eleven years old, but my real value is seeing the big picture and being able to effectively communicate with stakeholders to develop real solutions. Trying to make a positive impact on the world and solving interesting problems are more important than making a lot of money - but money is good too. My family is my favorite people and I enjoy mentoring kids and spending time in the great outdoors, so my free time is spent volunteering at schools, helping with Boy Scouts, building websites and Android applications, and surfing.

Vet Rocket, Santa Clara, CA
Senior Software Engineer, 3/2013 - present
Pacific Biosciences, Menlo Park, CA
Software Engineer, 10/2009 - 3/2013
Translated business requirements into applications, extensions, data models, and reports to support and improve efficiency on multiple manufacturing lines.
Eklin Medical Systems, Santa Clara, CA
Software Engineer and DBA, 3/2008 - 10/2009
Developed inter-system communications solutions to facilitate pro-active system maintenance, provide a more robust service to our customers, and increase data accessibility.
  • Successfully led and managed several product development projects
  • Wrote desktop and server applications to perform DICOM (a medical imaging standard) communications in C#
  • Created a HIS/RIS Efilm plugin in C++/C#
  • Enabled a whole product line by creating a billing application that collects data from hundreds of virtual servers and thereby making possible the efficient creation of invoices for an online service product
  • Implemented Subversion for the Data Services group software development activities
  • Created online dynamic forms utilizing AJAX and ODBC to digitize workflows
  • Developed web-based reporting and administrative tools for both customer and internal use in PHP and ASP (vbscript)
  • Developed and implemented several custom objects and pages in using Apex and Visualforce
Manager, Quality and Materials, 7/2005 - 3/2008
Grew a small team of materials professionals to scale with a rapidly growing business.
  • Successfully moved the materials organization to a new facility with minimal downtime
  • Configured ERP system Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) model to efficiently forecast build and purchase requirements with minimal risk of excess inventory
  • Created web based reporting tools (using PHP, Apache, and ODBC) to fill the gaps in existing MRP systems capabilities
  • Created a complete cycle count process and supporting software
GE Healthcare / Amersham Biosciences / Molecular Dynamics, Sunnyvale, CA
Central Services Process Engineer, 10/2004 - 6/2005
Performed trend analyses on product quality, business efficiency, and customer satisfaction data; facilitated and initiated improvements both as an individual contributor and in teams.
  • Developed comprehensive Cost of Quality metrics for Biosciences instrumentation that revealed a number of cost saving opportunities such as improving the rate of refurbished part usage and standardizing installation processes
Quality Engineer / Analyst, 9/2000 - 10/2004
Extracted data from disparate sources and generated reports on product and part quality, routed and responded to customer complaints, led and participated in quality improvement teams, initiated quality improvements to both parts and systems.
  • Developed a Corrective and Preventive Actions application on the Lotus Notes platform
  • Developed a web based inspection results application to log QA inspection results
Stockroom and Shipping Supervisor, 5/1998 - 9/2000
Led a team from 10-20 materials professionals through increased production volumes and an acquisition while maintaining high inventory accuracy.
Other Projects, 2004 - Present
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